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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-20Applying ICT in open and distance educationBordoloi, Ritimoni
2012-11-23Challenges concerning higher educationBordoloi, Ritimoni
2020Experiential Learning Pedagogies through Open and Distance Learning in IndiaBordoloi, Ritimoni
2013-12-17Gender concern in educationBordoloi, Ritimoni
2018Gender Equity in Education: A Reflection on Indian Education SystemBordoloi, Ritimoni
2015-04-07Gender inequality and human development in IndiaBordoloi, Ritimoni
2017Higher Education: Challenges and ProspectsBordoloi, Ritimoni
2017-01Human Development and Gender Inequality Index, with Special Reference to Assam.Bordoloi, Ritimoni
2018ICT in Education: Its Relevance in the Digital AgeBordoloi, Ritimoni
2014-08-30Open educational resources and their useBordoloi, Ritimoni
2015Overview of Health Policies and ProgrammesBordoloi, Ritimoni
2015-11-10Pedagogy of the oppressed through OERsBordoloi, Ritimoni
2017-07-30Skill-based educationBordoloi, Ritimoni
2018-07-22Sustainable EducationBordoloi, Ritimoni
2015-06-14Teacher trainingBordoloi, Ritimoni
2017Transforming Higher Education through ODL with Special Reference to KKHSOU in AssamBordoloi, Ritimoni
2019Voting and political rights of women: myth or reality with special reference to North East IndiaBordoloi, Ritimoni
2018-06-11আমাৰ দৃষ্টিত অসম - ২০৩০Bordoloi, Ritimoni
2017-07-20কৃষ্ণকান্ত সন্দিকৈ আৰু বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ৰ ধাৰণাDas, Prasenjit; Bordoloi, Ritimoni
2018-07-20কৃষ্ণকান্ত সন্দিকৈঃ আধুনিক মননৰ অধিকাৰী খাঁটি অসমীয়া পণ্ডিতজনDas, Prasenjit; Bordoloi, Ritimoni