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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Horizon: Vol. VIII, No. II. Year 2014-
2016-01Horizon: Vol. X, No. I. Year 2016-
2016-07Horizon: Vol. X, No. II. Year 2016-
2017-01Horizon: Vol. XI, No. I. Year 2017-
2017-07Horizon: Vol. XI, No. II. Year 2017-
2018-01Horizon: Vol. XII, No. I. Year 2018-
2018-07Horizon: Vol. XII, No. II. Year 2018-
2019-01Horizon: Vol. XIII, No. I. Year 2019-
2017-12-12HS Brahma conferred Handiqui award-
2017-01Human Development and Gender Inequality Index, with Special Reference to Assam.Bordoloi, Ritimoni
2010Human Development Attainments across Assam: A ReassessmentMandal, Raju
2018ICT in Education: Its Relevance in the Digital AgeBordoloi, Ritimoni
2017An ICT-Based Framework for Agricultural Development in Rural AssamDas, Tapashi Kashyap; Senapati, Chayanika
2017ICT: A Tool against Society’s Challenges towards Enhancing Women EmpowermentBarpujari, Pratity
2017-01-01Idea of a leadership instituteDeka, Hitesh
2013-01Impact of climate change on crustal movement in the North-East India: a scientific field study using Global Positioning System (GPS)Mahanta, Kashyap
2010Impacts of Population, Urbanisation and Globalisation on Environment in North East Region of IndiaMandal, Ram Krishna
2010Implementation of Rural Development Programmes in North Eastern States: A DiscussionChatterjee, Shankar
2015Importing and Exporting Courses: Global Overview of a Developing TrendDaniel, John
2018-01-01Indian English Fiction (IEF): Its Growing SignificanceDas, Prasenjit