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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017QR-Code Based Access to OERs and SLMs for ODL StudentsSubrahmanyam, V.V.; Swathi, K.
2017Radio as an Educational Tool in Developing Countries: Its Evolution and Current UsagesSarmah, Bhaskar; Lama, Sukmaya
2013Reading Rushdie’s ‘Homelands’ locallyDas, Prasenjit
2017Reading Shakespeare EcocriticallyDas, Prasenjit
2017Redressing Socio Economic Inequalities Through Open Learning and Developmental InterventionsChakravarty, Rishi
2014-09-23Relevance of open educational resourcesDas, Prasenjit
2018Religious and Cultural Influences on Abortion: A Care-ethical DiscussionKalita, Tejasha
2018-12-06Report of Interactive Session with Prof. Sunil Khijwania-
2018-11Report of the Faculty Development Workshop-
2018-11-27Report of the Staff Training Programme-
2019-06-21Report on Fifth International Yoga Day Celebrated by KKHSOU-
2018Report on SLM Audit 2018-
2018-04-06A Report on Stakeholders’ Meeting 2018-
2019-04-06A Report on Stakeholders’ Meeting 2019-
2019A Report on the Training Programme conducted for the Multi-Tasking Staff-
2018-07-27Report on workshop on design and development of Digital Libraries using DSpace-
2015Reproductive Health ServicesSarmah, Bhaskar
2017Role of Community Radio in Rural Development: A Study of Jnan Taranga, the community radio service of KKHSOUGoswami, Chandrama; Chakraborty, Kanta; Goswami, Devajeet
2017Role of KKHSOU in ensuring sustainable pathways of learning: a case studyDas, Prasenjit
2017Role of KKHSOU in Ensuring Sustainable Pathways of Learning: A Case StudyDas, Prasenjit