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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007WebDewey: the Dewey Decimal Classification in the WebSarma, Gautam Kumar
2007Ethics in retailing – perceptions of management and sales personnelSarma, Nripendra Narayan
2008Prospectus 2008-2009-
2008Horizon: Vol. I, No. I and Vol II, No. I. Year 2008-
2008Application of ICT in Two Major Academic Institution Libraries in Arunachal Pradesh: A SurveySarma, Gautam Kumar
2008Access of E-resources By The Users Of LNB Library With Special Reference to UGC-Infonet: An Evaluative SurveySarma, Gautam Kumar
2008-04অধ্যায় ২ঃ জৰুৰীকালীন ব্যৱস্থা আৰু সংসদীয় বিশেষাধিকাৰ-
2008-04অধ্যায় ৩ঃ সংবাদ মাধ্যমৰ স্বাধীনতাৰ আইনগত দিশসমূহ-
2008-04অধ্যায় ১ঃ মৌলিক অধিকাৰ-
2008-04অধ্যায় ৫ঃ সংবাদ মাধ্যমৰ স্বাধীনতা আৰু নীতি-
2008-04অধ্যায় ৬ঃ সংবাদ মাধ্যম আৰু গোপনীয়তা-
2008-04অধ্যায় ৪ঃ সাংবাদিকৰ অধিকাৰ-
2009Prospectus 2009-2010-
2009Public-Private Partnerships in Health Care Sector: Issues and Evidences (With Emphasis on India’s North-East)Sarmah, Bhaskar
2009-01Horizon: Vol. III, No. I. Year 2009-
2009-01Unit 6: Methods and tools of PR-
2009-01Unit 2: Advertising and publicity-
2009-01Unit 1: Concept of advertising-
2009-01Unit 3: Advertising agency-
2009-01Unit 5: PR and organization-